How to Find The Most Reliable Brokers for Asian Traders

1. Why The Most Reliable Brokers for Asian Traders?

 In 1973, from the developed countries, as the state control of foreign exchange trading ended, the times of complete floating and the free trading market began. The United States and Western countries did take the first step in the currency market, and the wave of forex trading soon cover all six continents with its currencies - but Antarctica. However, the Asian currency market has experienced the exceptional growth and rapid expansion for just the last 15 years.

BRKV - Asia is the largest and most populous continent. The Asian people, in general, are diligent, adventurous, and here there are many long-term thinkers, which is potential for business trading including the forex trading market. With much knowledge and experience from the developed nations, many best forex brokers set up their branch offices in Asia beside hundreds of new arising brokers. Now, this land has become the second biggest forex market, and Asian traders have contributed 30% to this world trading volume.

In the forex market volatility, the community of Asian traders is big with lots of new traders, and more are coming every day. Between numerous forex brokers, emerging and veteran, the demand for testing and practicing becomes increasingly important in Asia, and new traders also need the trustworthy companions to start with. Thus, this article aims to help Asian traders choose the most reliable brokers with its key features, and we also come up with the top list of reliable brokers as well.

2. The Key Component of Reliable forex brokers

In this modern time, any business could be famous in a short time with good marketing strategy. Many forex brokers labelled themselves as reliableness with better services, but only time can prove the truth through sudden changes which are no longer the surprises to the forex community. Without careful research, many new traders find all their fund wasted in the first round with scam brokers. If you don’t want to trouble yourself with these brokers, you’d better choose carefully. Do some research, and don’t blindfold yourself by some superficial fame. Through years of trading in the market of forex, we believe that reliable forex brokers must have the following features as the essential components:

  1. Broad System of Regional Offices.

  2. Good Payment System.

  3. No Scam History.

  4. Regulation as Confirmation.

  5. Become the Largest Brokers.

We will go from shallow to deep so that traders could understand things in brief and soon start their own research with a logical viewpoint. Now, let’s begin with the first principal component.

2.1. Broad System of Regional Offices

Forex brokers spend years to earn traders loyalty before marking them as the reliable ones. Beside proper management and services, it is critically essential for strong brokers to understand the currency market and the market trend to expand. With the broad system of regional offices, large-scale forex brokers can also compete with each other with professionals and variety of services. Branch offices attached only with reliable and large brokers, small and unreliable brokers don’t have to strength to do as such.

Moreover, It is much difficult for forex brokers to expand in this most massive continents because forex trading is restricted in many Asian regions, even illegal in some countries. Brokers must request for the official registration to have the license in particular states. Therefore, if oversea brokers open their office in your Asian home to keep in touch with its traders, it shows the trustworthiness, high strength, with excellent services and supports to that country in forex trading. As a consequence, if any problem occurs, Asian traders can get the direct support from the regional offices, or - if you are so unlucky - by the law if a scam broker tricks you.

Regarding the direct supports, local offices offer better services instantly. There are local staff members who could help with no language barriers and much faster. Regional offices also gather traders together, which also helps a lot in new businesspeople in forex trading. Many local offices in Asia have come under the name of the top largest brokers including Saxo Bank, Hotforex, and Exness; you can find their local office easily on the internet. They offer great payment services also, which we explain further below.

Note: You can choose the local regulated brokers or the foreign brokers with trusted regulation if you find no office from the large FX brokers in your country. (Read the Section 2.4 for further understanding)

2.2. Good Payment System

The excellent payment system must have the following features:

  • Fast deposit and withdrawal services.

  • Low deposit and withdrawal fee.

  • High minimum withdrawal limit.

  • Good System of Local payments.

It takes not a short amount of time waiting for forex execution even with the growth of the e-trading system. Veteran users have rich experience with that trading condition with many brokers. Forex traders love fast service, especially payment services to match the high speed of trading with lots of sudden changes in this market of volatility. Fast execution also helps Asian traders a lot for the habit of using cash regularly - fast execution service.

No traders love it, and brokers with common services don’t offer traders this: deposit and withdrawal fee, even low. It is just unreasonable. The offer is similar to this circumstance: you go to the supermarket with a large parking area, then you have to pay for a plot after buying a considerable amount of their goods. Top brokers with top services provide the opposite: low or zero fees on execution.

It is even better if you can withdraw a considerable amount of money, to reward yourself as a result of good practicing and fortunate perhaps. However, many brokers set a low border on the minimum withdrawal and reject significant departures as to prevent money laundering. With the high leverage account offered by many brokers nowadays, many traders can win big with the right strategies and disciplines, and it could be tomorrow. Moreover, if your money keeps increasing fast and is held for too long, your fund can also disappear for no reason. Unreliable can’t guarantee your safety. Forex brokers should do the prevention of laundering money, but most traders do not use forex trading for that purpose. Avoid such brokers and search for the better chance with brokers offering high minimum deposit limit, with regulation.

Local payment service. Regional office system is good, and local payment service is even greater. All the needs: reliableness, direct services, low execution fee, high withdrawal limit, you can find all of these with local payment service - always from top brokers. Also, from my experience, between large brokers, Exness has the best payment service with the large system of regional offices which offer instant withdrawal services. All transactions are immediate, and you can get your money in no time, even on the weekends, and it’s free which all Asian traders love.

Check the Exness Payment System HERE.

2.3. No Scam History

Fake signals on a large scale go along with scam brokers. In 2015, Swiss Central Bank floated its CHF, the CFH/USD changed with over 3000 pips. Most brokers went bankrupt, hundreds of millions of dollars fell. Chairman of several forex brokers disappears with money from lives of poor forex traders. You can read more about such events and see how such ghost brokers treated their unfortunate clients.

Reliable forex brokers should have no scam report, they climb to the top with recognition, awards, hence the reputation. Through years of operation, reliable brokers firmly stand with no scam claimed. Top largest forex brokers have proved its name through a hard time beside the traders. Especially for Asian traders who have the sense of adventure and love long-term strategies, the top brokers are best options for the excellent result. Veteran traders have years of experience with testing. Don’t let yourself stuck with numerous names of the emerging, do some researches and save your time.

2.4. Regulation as Confirmation

Reliable forex brokers always go with regulation. Regulated forex brokers are professionals that have registered themselves with government financial institutions like the CFTC and NFA from the US, FCA from the UK, CySEC from Europe, and there is forex regulation comes from Asian countries like Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong. When a forex broker is regulated, they bound themselves to the tighter rules from the state that control the forex market.

Through years in the forex trading pool, we discuss a lot about the regulation from different nations. For the sake of safety, this is always the most controversial topic for traders who dare to dive much deeper in the forex trading world. The US dollars is substantial, and American traders step first into the forex trading hole, many people thus believe that the US or UK regulated brokers are more reliable than the others. On the other hand, as the forex market is illegal in some Asian countries, part of the traders' community goes extreme and don’t trust any brokers if the license is not the US. No forex traders suspect the standard of US regulation, but there is no connection to the non-US-license brokers are not worth trusting.

Some brokers don’t have business in the States, and they don’t need the US license. Take Exness: this is the current largest retail forex brokers, Exness doesn’t possess the US license. The company focuses on Asian forex trading market. Their trading volume last month is 395 billion US dollars -  the highest, 99% of this trading volume is from the regions. Reliable brokers need regulation, but it does have to be originated in the United States. Again, Asia is the second biggest currency market on the Earth, and many forex brokers have achieved success by serving this market.

In Asia, if your country has regulation on forex trading, you should trade with local brokers for fast and convenient services. Otherwise, you’d better choose brokers with a regular license, there is much trustworthy regulation from public financial institute: CFTC and NFA from the US, FCA from the UK, CySEC from Europe, and there are brokers with regulation from Asian country like Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong. All of these are good for forex traders including Asian traders.


  1. Check Exness legal information HERE.

  2. US and UK forex brokers spreads, commission, and margin requirement are much higher than other continents’ brokers. If you were Asian and African traders, it’s better to study carefully.
    (Check this article to know why: Disadvantages of US regulation).

2.5. Become the Largest Brokers.

Only strong forex brokers can stand firm through big and small waves of changes in the currency market. The most reliable top brokers climb up through years of dealing with different struggles. The top largest can even expand their reputation and scales throughout the world. If brokers found themselves as the top largest, they must be excellent and more than reliable to all traders.

With many new Asian traders in the Asian forex market, you should trade with the top largest with top services and the most professional context for practices. At the start, problems might happen for several months of trading, which rarely occurs with the top largest forex brokers. If you are interested, my recommendation is to try the Exness Cent Account, which is suitable for Asian traders to practice real-time trading with a small pocket. Here we list the Top 5 of World Largest Forex Brokers:

  1. 400 Billion USD/month

  2. 300 Billion USD/month

  3. 290 Billion USD/month.  >> Check more HERE

  4. Saxo Bank: 265 Billion USD/month

  5. 209 Billion USD/month.

3. Conclusion

There are many traders with vast knowledge, who experience both failure and success. Don’t waste their lessons. In this time of modern marketing, it’s easy to have fame, but years need to be proven. All the key component we shared need time as well as effort to get, and they show how reliable the brokers are and how they are trusted globally. Do your research, practice with care and consciousness. We wish your success, and finally, here is the list of 5 brokers that we think as the most reliable for Asian traders:

  1. >> Check more HERE



  4. Saxo bank

  5. IG Group

Thanks for your time reading. See you next time.


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